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Observation of supercavity modes in subwavelength dielectric resonators

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posted on 2023-11-30, 19:55 authored by Mikhail Odit, Kirill Koshelev, Sergey Gladyshev, Konstantin Ladutenko, Yuri Kivshar, Andrey Bogdanov
Electromagnetic response of dielectric resonators with high refractive index is governed by optically induced electric and magnetic Mie resonances facilitating confinement of light with the amplitude enhancement. However, strong subwavelength trapping of light was associated traditionally only with plasmonic or epsilon-near-zero structures which however suffer from losses. Recently, an alternative localization mechanism was proposed to trap light in individual subwavelength optical resonators with a high quality factor in the regime of a supercavity mode. Here, we present the experimental observation of the supercavity modes in subwavelength ceramic resonators in the radiofrequency range. We demonstrate experimentally that the regime of supercavity mode can be achieved via precise tuning of the resonator's dimensions resulting in a huge growth of the quality factor reaching the experimental values up to 1.25x10^4, being limited only by material losses in dielectrics. We reveal that the supercavity modes can be excited efficiently by both near- and far-fields by means of dipole sources and plane waves, respectively. In both the cases, the supercavity mode manifests itself clearly via characteristic peculiarities of the Fano resonance and radiation patterns. Our work paves the way for future compact practical devices in photonics and radiophysics.



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