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Observation of the Modification of Quantum Statistics of Plasmonic Systems

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:27 authored by Chenglong You, Mingyuan Hong, Narayan Bhusal, Jinnan Chen, Mario A. Quiroz-Juárez, Fatemeh Mostafavi, Junpeng Guo, Israel De Leon, Roberto de J. León-Montiel, Omar S. Magaña-Loaiza
For almost two decades, it has been believed that the quantum statistical properties of bosons are preserved in plasmonic systems. This idea has been stimulated by experimental work reporting the possibility of preserving nonclassical correlations in light-matter interactions mediated by scattering among photons and plasmons. Furthermore, it has been assumed that similar dynamics underlies the conservation of the quantum fluctuations that define the nature of light sources. Here, we demonstrate that quantum statistics are not always preserved in plasmonic systems and report the first observation of their modification. Moreover, we show that multiparticle scattering effects induced by confined optical near fields can lead to the modification of the excitation mode of plasmonic systems. These observations are validated through the quantum theory of optical coherence for single- and multi-mode plasmonic systems. Our findings constitute a new paradigm in the understanding of the quantum properties of plasmonic systems and unveil new paths to perform exquisite control of quantum multiparticle systems.



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