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On-chip deterministic operation of quantum dots in dual-mode waveguides for a plug-and-play single-photon source

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posted on 2023-11-30, 19:26 authored by Ravitej Uppu, Hans T. Eriksen, Henri Thyrrestrup, Aslı D. Uğurlu, Ying Wang, Sven Scholz, Andreas D. Wieck, Arne Ludwig, Matthias C. Löbl, Richard J. Warburton, Peter Lodahl, Leonardo Midolo
A deterministic source of coherent single photons is an enabling device of quantum-information processing for quantum simulators, and ultimately a full-fledged quantum internet. Quantum dots (QDs) in nanophotonic structures have been employed as excellent sources of single photons, and planar waveguides are well suited for scaling up to multiple photons and emitters exploring near-unity photon-emitter coupling and advanced active on-chip functionalities. An ideal single-photon source requires suppressing noise and decoherence, which notably has been demonstrated in electrically-contacted heterostructures. It remains a challenge to implement deterministic resonant excitation of the QD required for generating coherent single photons, since residual light from the excitation laser should be suppressed without compromising source efficiency and scalability. Here, we present the design and realization of a novel planar nanophotonic device that enables deterministic pulsed resonant excitation of QDs through the waveguide. Through nanostructure engineering, the excitation light and collected photons are guided in two orthogonal waveguide modes enabling deterministic operation. We demonstrate a coherent single-photon source that simultaneously achieves high-purity ($g^{(2)}(0)$ = 0.020 $\pm$ 0.005), high-indistinguishability ($V$ = 96 $\pm$ 2 %), and $>$80 % coupling efficiency into the waveguide. The novel `plug-and-play' coherent single-photon source could be operated unmanned for several days and will find immediate applications, e.g., for constructing heralded multi-photon entanglement sources for photonic quantum computing or sensing.



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