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Optical Magnetic Multipolar Resonances in Large Dynamic Metamolecules

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:13 authored by Omar Ibrahim, Sunghee Lee, Sung Wook Kim, Seung Beom Pyun, Connor Woods, Eun Chul Cho, So-Jung Park, Zahra Fakhraai
Dynamic metamolecules (DMMs) are composed of a dielectric core made of hydrogel surrounded by randomly-packed plasmonic beads that can display magnetic resonances when excited by light at optical frequencies. Their optical properties can be controlled by controlling their core diameter through temperature variations. We have recently shown that DMMs display strong optical magnetism, including magnetic dipole and magnetic quadrupole resonances, offering significant potential for novel applications. Here, we use a T-matrix approach to characterize the magnetic multipole resonance modes of model metamolecules and explore their presence in experimental data. We show that high-order multipole resonances become prominent as the bead size and the overall structure sizes are increased, and when the the inter-bead gap is decreased. In this limit, mode mixing among high-order magnetic multipole modes also become significant, particularly in the directional scattering spectra. We discuss trends in magnetic scattering observed in both experiments and simulations, and provide suggestions for experimental design and verification of high-order optical magnetic resonances in the forward or backward scattering spectra. In addition, angular scattering of higher-order magnetic modes can display Fano-like interference patterns that should be experimentally detectable.



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