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Optical Path Model of Multi-Layer Media for Incoherent Light

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posted on 2024-04-16, 09:54 authored by Hanbing Qi, Xiaoxue Zhang, Zhilong Liang, Haolin Li, Qiushi Wang, Xiaoyu Chen, Hongda Zhu
Optical path model has been widely used in fields such as solar energy materials and optical constant calculation. Nevertheless, the accuracy and usability of models in recent studies are not satisfactory enough. In order to reduce the calculated error of the model in the application, the optical path model of multiple media and phases for incoherent light was proposed, which describes the optical path of continuous rays in the multi-layer system on two dimensions. In the paper, the optical properties of the optical cell were first calculated based on the single-layer model and genetic algorithm. Then, the proposed model was validated by a triple-phase system with multiple layers of media. Meanwhile, the main calculated error was analyzed. Finally, the models in existing studies were compared with the proposed model. The results show that the model can be used to accurately calculate the total transmittance, total reflectance, and total absorption of a multi-layer system with multiple phases and media when the optical properties of each layer are known. Meanwhile, the proposed model has good stability as well as internal coupling, and its accuracy is better than other models.


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Northeast Petroleum University (2022YDL-13 ,2022YDL-13); Northeast Petroleum University ((zd-2023-43))

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