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Optical Writing and Electro-Optic Imaging of Reversible Space Charges in Semi-Insulating CdTe Diodes

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:08 authored by Adriano Cola, Lorenzo Dominici, Antonio Valletta
Deep levels control the space charge in electrically compensated semi-insulating materials. They limit the performance of radiation detectors but their interaction with free carriers can be favorably exploited in these devices to manipulate the spatial distribution of the electric field by optical beams. By using semi-insulating CdTe diodes as a case study, our results show that optical doping functionalities are achieved. As such, a highly stable, flux-dependent, reversible and spatially localized space charge is induced by a line-shaped optical beam focused on the cathode contact area. Real-time non-invasive imaging of the electric field is obtained through the Pockels effect. A simple and convenient method to retrieve the two-dimensional electric field components is presented. Numerical simulations involving just one deep level responsible for the electrical compensation confirm the experimental findings and help to identify the underlying mechanism and critical parameters enabling the optical writing functionalities.



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