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Optical and electronic properties of a two-dimensional quantum ring under rotating effects

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posted on 2023-05-30, 16:00 authored by Daniel F. Lima, Frankbelson dos S. Azevedo, Luís Fernando C. Pereira, Cleverson Filgueiras, Edilberto O. Silva
This work presents a study on the nonrelativistic quantum motion of a charged particle in a rotating frame, considering the Aharonov-Bohm effect and a uniform magnetic field. We derive the equation of motion and the corresponding radial equation to describe the system. The Schr\"odinger equation with minimal coupling incorporates rotation effects by substituting the momentum operator with an effective four-potential. Additionally, a radial potential term, dependent on the average radius of the ring, is introduced. The analysis is restricted to motion in a two-dimensional plane, neglecting the degree of freedom in the $z$-direction. By solving the radial equation, we determine the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions, allowing for an explicit expression of the energy. The probability distribution is analyzed for varying rotating parameter values, revealing a shift of the distribution as the rotation changes, resulting in a centrifugal effect and occupation of the ring's edges. Furthermore, numerical analysis demonstrates the significant rotational effects on energy levels and optical properties, including optical absorption and refractive coefficients.



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