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Optical linewidth of soliton microcombs

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:01 authored by Fuchuan Lei, Zhichao Ye, Óskar B. Helgason, Attila Fülöp, Marcello Girardi, Victor Torres-Company
Soliton microcombs provide a versatile platform for realizing fundamental studies and technological applications. To be utilized as frequency rulers for precision metrology, soliton microcombs must display broadband phase coherence, a parameter characterized by the optical phase or frequency noise of the comb lines and their corresponding optical linewidths. Here, we analyse the optical phase-noise dynamics in soliton microcombs generated in silicon nitride high-Q microresonators and show that, because of the Raman self-frequency shift or dispersive-wave recoil, the Lorentzian linewidth of some of the comb lines can, surprisingly, be narrower than that of the pump laser. This work elucidates information about the physical limits in phase coherence of soliton microcombs and illustrates a new strategy for the generation of spectrally coherent light on chip.



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