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Optical reflection signature of an axion dielectric with magnetic current

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Version 2 2024-07-12, 16:00
Version 1 2024-07-10, 16:01
posted on 2024-07-12, 16:00 authored by Pedro D. S. Silva, Ronald A. Pereira, Manoel M. Ferreira
In this work, we investigate the reflection properties on the interface between an ordinary dielectric medium and a dielectric supporting a magnetic current (equivalent to a dielectric governed by axion electrodynamics). Considering the usual Maxwell equations and constitutive relations, we derive the general Fresnel coefficients for reflection for an incident wave with $s$ and $p$ polarization, assuming an isotropic magnetic current on a dielectric substrate. We determine all total internal reflection and critical angles (Brewster angles) conditions, which are given by strict relations between all relevant electromagnetic quantities of the system and the frequency. For $s$- and $p$-polarized incident waves, total internal reflection can occur under certain conditions on the constitutive parameters (for each propagating mode) at specific frequency windows and certain incidence angle intervals. All possible conditions to define critical angles for null reflection are determined. This scenario allows polarization changes by reflection. Considering a $p$-polarized incident wave, the frequency and the Brewster angle, allowing null reflection for both propagating modes, are determined. The Goos-H\"anchen shift and the complex Kerr rotation are also evaluated. The Kerr ellipticity angle presents a frequency-dependent behavior, also reported in Weyl semimetals, having maximum values $\eta_{Kerr}=\pm \pi/4$ for specific values of frequency, which may work as a signature of this axion chiral dielectric.



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