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Optimization method to eliminate the influence of the conical acoustic lens on the transmission of laser beam using ZEMAX

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posted on 2023-11-30, 20:53 authored by Xianlin Song, Zouhua Chen, Aojie Zhao, Bo Li, Jinhong Zhang, Qiming He, Jianshuang Wei, Lingfang Song
By using the optical design software Zemax, on the basis of geometric optics and primary aberration theory, the optimal design method of collimating mirror is discussed and proposed, which eliminates the influence of conical concave acoustic lens on beam transmission. The lens system imaging before and after the optimization of the calibration lens is simulated by numerical simulation: from the simulation results, after the calibration mirror is optimized, the spherical aberration of the system is greatly reduced,. The root mean square radius of the spot under the 0 degree field of view changes from 993.842 micrometers to 8.091 micrometers, and the geometric radius changes from 1000.98 micrometers to 11.087 micrometers; the MTF curve is obviously improved, the cut-off frequency is increased by nearly 15 times, and the MTF value of the meridian direction and sagittal direction under the 0 degree field of view are between 0.9 and 1; The proposed optimization method of the collimating mirror has important theoretical guiding significance for the study of the large depth of field photoacoustic microscopy imaging system.



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