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Optomechanical interface between telecom photons and spin quantum memory

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:00 authored by Prasoon K Shandilya, David P Lake, Matthew J Mitchell, Denis D Sukachev, Paul E Barclay
Quantum networks enable a broad range of practical and fundamental applications spanning distributed quantum computing to sensing and metrology. A cornerstone of such networks is an interface between telecom photons and quantum memories. Here we demonstrate a novel approach based on cavity optomechanics that utilizes the susceptibility of spin qubits to strain. We use it to control electron spins of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond with photons in the 1550 nm telecommunications wavelength band. This method does not involve qubit optical transitions and is insensitive to spectral diffusion. Furthermore, our approach can be applied to solid-state qubits in a wide variety of materials, expanding the toolbox for quantum information processing.



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