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Orthogonal Spatial Coding with Stimulated Parametric Down-Conversion

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posted on 2023-07-25, 16:00 authored by Yang Xu, Sirui Tang, A. Nicholas Black, Robert W. Boyd
Orthogonal optical coding is widely used in classical multiuser communication networks. Using the phase conjugation property of stimulated parametric down-conversion, we extend the current orthogonal optical coding scheme to the spatial domain to encode and decode image information. In this process, the idler beam inherits the complex conjugate of the field information encoded in the seed beam. An encoding phase mask introduced to the input seed beam blurs the image transferred to the idler. The original image is restored by passing the coded transferred image through a corrective phase mask placed in the momentum space of the idler beam. We expect that this scheme can also inspire new techniques in aberration cancellation and frequency conversion imaging.



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