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Panoramic annular SLAM with loop closure and global optimization

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:08 authored by Hao Chen, Weijian Hu, Kailun Yang, Jian Bai, Kaiwei Wang
In this paper, we propose panoramic annular simultaneous localization and mapping (PA-SLAM), a visual SLAM system based on panoramic annular lens. A hybrid point selection strategy is put forward in the tracking front-end, which ensures repeatability of keypoints and enables loop closure detection based on the bag-of-words approach. Every detected loop candidate is verified geometrically and the $Sim(3)$ relative pose constraint is estimated to perform pose graph optimization and global bundle adjustment in the back-end. A comprehensive set of experiments on real-world datasets demonstrates that the hybrid point selection strategy allows reliable loop closure detection, and the accumulated error and scale drift have been significantly reduced via global optimization, enabling PA-SLAM to reach state-of-the-art accuracy while maintaining high robustness and efficiency.



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