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Parity-Time Symmetry-Enhanced Simultaneous Magnon and Photon Blockade in Cavity Magnonic System

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:13 authored by M. S. Ebrahimi, M. Bagheri Harouni
The main challenge in the recent demonstration of conventional magnon blockade is to increase the nonlinearity of the system especially in comparison with the dissipation channels. One can consider the Kerr nonlinearity through which magnon blockade in a cavity magnonic system is possible provided that the Kerr nonlinearity is much stronger than the cavity and magnonic mode dissipation rates. In the present contribution, we consider a PT-symmetric cavity magnonic system and study the effect of PT-symmetric phase on the magnon statistics and hence magnon blockade. We show that the PT-symmetric phase, which is achievable by properly selecting the system parameters, can relax the requirement of large Kerr nonlinearity such that a perfect magnon blockade can be easily obtained even under a small value of Kerr nonlinearity. Surprisingly, although there is no photonic Kerr nonlinearity in the scheme, photon blockade can also occur simultaneously with magnon blockade. This result is arising from the PT-symmetric phase which can generate an effective photonic Kerr nonlinearity.



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