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Perfect optical coherence lattices

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:00 authored by Liang Chunhao, Liu Xin, Xu Zhiheng, Wang Fei, Ponomarenko Sergey A., Cai Yangjian, Pujuan Ma
We advance and experimentally implement a protocol to generate perfect optical coherence lattices (OCL) that are not modulated by an envelope field. Structuring the amplitude and phase of an input partially coherent beam in a Fourier plane of an imaging system lies at the heart of our protocol. In the proposed approach, the OCL node profile depends solely on the degree of coherence (DOC) of the input beam such that, in principle, any lattice structure can be attained via proper manipulations in the Fourier plane. Moreover, any genuine partially coherent source can serve as an input to our lattice generating imaging system. Our results are anticipated to find applications to optical field engineering and multi-target probing among others.



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