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Perfectly Perform Machine Learning Task with Imperfect Optical Hardware Accelerator

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:23 authored by Jichao Fan, Yingheng Tang, Weilu Gao
Optical architectures have been emerging as an energy-efficient and high-throughput hardware platform to accelerate computationally intensive general matrix-matrix multiplications (GEMMs) in modern machine learning (ML) algorithms. However, the inevitable imperfection and non-uniformity in large-scale optoelectronic devices prevent the scalable deployment of optical architectures, particularly those with innovative nano-devices. Here, we report an optical ML hardware to accelerate GEMM operations based on cascaded spatial light modulators and present a calibration procedure that enables accurate calculations despite the non-uniformity and imperfection in devices and system. We further characterize the hardware calculation accuracy under different configurations of electrical-optical interfaces. Finally, we deploy the developed optical hardware and calibration procedure to perform a ML task of predicting the intersubband plasmon frequency in single-wall carbon nanotubes. The obtained prediction accuracy from the optical hardware agrees well with that obtained using a general purpose electronic graphic process unit.



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