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Perspective: Phonon polaritons for infrared optoelectronics

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:15 authored by Christopher R. Gubbin, Simone De Liberato, Thomas G. Folland
In recent years there has been significant fundamental research into phonon polaritons, owing to their ability to compress light to extremely small dimensions, low-losses, and ability to support anisotropic propagation. In this perspective, after briefly reviewing the present state of mid-infrared optoelectronics, we will assess the potential of phonon-polariton based nanophotonics for infrared (3-100$\mathrm{\mu}$m) light sources, detectors and modulators. These will operate in the Reststrahlen region where conventional semiconductor light sources become ineffective. Drawing on the results from the past few years, we will sketch some promising paths to create such devices and we will evaluate their practical advantages and disadvantages when compared to other approaches to infrared optoelectronics.



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