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Photo-dynamics of quantum emitters in aluminum nitride

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posted on 2023-10-31, 16:00 authored by Yanzhao Guo, John P. Hadden, Rachel N. Clark, Samuel G. Bishop, Anthony J. Bennett
Aluminum nitride is a technologically important wide bandgap semiconductor which has been shown to host bright quantum emitters. In this paper, we probe the photodynamics of quantum emitters in aluminum nitride using photon emission correlations and time-resolved spectroscopy. We identify that each emitter contains as many as 6 internal energy levels with distinct laser power-dependent behaviors. Power-dependent shelving and de-shelving processes, such as optically induced ionization and recombination are considered, indicating complex optical dynamics associated with the spontaneous and optically pumped transitions. State population dynamics simulations qualitatively explain the temporal behaviours of the quantum emitters, revealing that those with pump-dependent de-shelving processes can saturate at significantly higher intensities, resulting in bright room-temperature quantum light emission.



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