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Photoionization detection of a single Er$^{3+}$ ion with sub-100-ns time resolution

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posted on 2023-06-08, 13:00 authored by Yangbo Zhang, Wenda Fan, Jiliang Yang, Hao Guan, Qi Zhang, Xi Qin, Changkui Duan, Gabriele G. de Boo, Brett C. Johnson, Jeffrey C. McCallum, Matthew J. Sellars, Sven Rogge, Chunming Yin, Jiangfeng Du
Efficient detection of single optical centers in solids is essential for quantum information processing, sensing, and single-photon generation applications. In this work, we use radio-frequency (RF) reflectometry to electrically detect the photoionization induced by a single Er$^{3+}$ ion in Si. The high bandwidth and sensitivity of the RF reflectometry provide sub-100-ns time resolution for the photoionization detection. With this technique, the optically excited state lifetime of a single Er$^{3+}$ ion in a Si nano-transistor is measured for the first time to be 0.49 $\pm$ 0.04 $\mu$s. Our results demonstrate an efficient approach for detecting a charge state change induced by Er excitation and relaxation. This approach could be used for fast readout of other single optical centers in solids and is attractive for large-scale integrated optical quantum systems thanks to the multi-channel RF reflectometry demonstrated with frequency multiplexing techniques.



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