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Photon antibunching control in a quantum dot and metallic nanoparticle hybrid system with non-Markovian dynamics

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posted on 2023-11-30, 17:32 authored by Tara Moradi, Malek Bagheri Harouni, Mohammad Hossein Naderi
Photon-number statistics of the emitted photons from a quantum dot placed in the vicinity of a metallic nanoparticle (with either shell or solid-sphere geometry) in the non-Markovian regime is investigated theoretically. In the model scheme, the quantum dot is considered as a InAs three- level system in Lambda-type configuration with two transition channels. One of channels is driven by a polarized classical field while the two channels are coupled to the plasmon modes. Plasmon resonance modes of a nanoshell, in contrast of a nanosphere, are tunable at demand frequency by controlling the thickness and the materials of the core and the embedding media. The results reveal that the emitted photons from the hybrid system under consideration are antibunched. Moreover, the anti- bunching behavior of the emitted photons can be controlled by the geometrical parameters of the system, namely, the quantum dot-metal nano particle separation distance, as well as the system's physical parameters including the detuning frequency of the quantum dot transitions with respect to the surface plasmon modes, and the Rabi frequency of the polarized driving field. Additionally, the studied system has the potential to be a highly controllable single-photon source.



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