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Photonic Crystal Terahertz Leaky-Wave Antenna

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:04 authored by Hichem Guerboukha, Jingwen Li
Current wireless systems are experiencing unprecedented pressure that could be relieved by shifting carrier frequencies towards the terahertz spectrum. Yet, components are required to enable spectrally efficient communications at such high frequencies. Recently, the photonic crystal platform has been shown to enable signal processing at the chip-scale. Similarly, leaky-wave antennas were used to generate highly directional THz beams. Here, we combine photonic crystals with leaky-wave antennas. Practically, we propose to use an array of cylinders sandwiched between two plates, and we demonstrate a bandgap in the 250-350 GHz range by judicious geometric design. We introduce a linear defect in the crystal by removing a row of cylinders, allowing to guide the THz beam. Then, a careful study of the relation dispersion of the guided mode shows that its propagation constant is larger to that of free space. This allows the mode to efficiently outcouple when a thin aperture slot is introduced above the defect. We numerically demonstrate that the far-field diffracted beam can cover a wide angular range from 30 to 90 degrees. Finally, we show how the photonic crystals can be further engineered to enable coverage in two opposite angular directions.



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