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Photonic Radar for Contactless Vital Sign Detection

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posted on 2023-01-10, 03:26 authored by Ziqian Zhang, Yang Liu, Tegan Stephens, Benjamin J. Eggleton
Vital sign detection is used across ubiquitous scenarios in medical and health settings. Contact and wearable sensors have been widely deployed. However, they are unsuitable for patients with burn wounds or infants with insufficient attaching areas. Contactless detection can be achieved using camera imaging, but it is susceptible to ambient light conditions and creates privacy concerns. Here, we report the first demonstration of a photonic radar for non-contact vital signal detection to overcome these challenges. This photonic radar can achieve millimeter range resolution based on synthesized radar signals with a bandwidth of up to 30 GHz. The high resolution of the radar system enables accurate respiratory detection from breathing simulators and a cane toad as a human proxy. Moreover, we demonstrated that the optical signals generated from the proposed system can enable vital sign detection based on light detection and ranging (LiDAR). This demonstration reveals the potential of a sensor-fusion architecture that can combine the complementary features of radar and LiDAR for improved sensing accuracy and system resilience. The work provides a novel technical basis for contactless, high-resolution, and high-privacy vital sign detection to meet the increasing demands in future medical and healthcare applications.



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