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Photonic circuits for laser stabilization with ultra-low-loss and nonlinear resonators

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:46 authored by Kaikai Liu, John H. Dallyn, Grant M. Brodnik, Andrei Isichenko, Mark W. Harrington, Nitesh Chauhan, Debapam Bose, Paul A. Morton, Scott B. Papp, Ryan O. Behunin, Daniel J. Blumenthal
Laser-frequency stabilization with on-chip photonic integrated circuits will provide compact, low cost solutions to realize spectrally pure laser sources. Developing high-performance and scalable lasers is critical for applications including quantum photonics, precision navigation and timing, spectroscopy, and high-capacity fiber communications. We demonstrate a significant advance in compact, stabilized lasers to achieve a record low integral emission linewidth and precision carrier stabilization by combining integrated waveguide nonlinear Brillouin and ultra-low loss waveguide reference resonators. Using a pair of 56.4 Million quality factor (Q) Si$_3$N$_4$ waveguide ring-resonators, we reduce the free running Brillouin laser linewidth by over an order of magnitude to 330 Hz integral linewidth and stabilize the carrier to 6.5$\times$10$^{-13}$ fractional frequency at 8 ms, reaching the cavity-intrinsic thermorefractive noise limit for frequencies down to 80 Hz. This work demonstrates the lowest linewidth and highest carrier stability achieved to date using planar, CMOS compatible photonic integrated resonators, to the best of our knowledge. These results pave the way to transfer stabilized laser technology from the tabletop to the chip-scale. This advance makes possible scaling the number of stabilized lasers and complexity of atomic and molecular experiments as well as reduced sensitivity to environmental disturbances and portable precision atomic, molecular and optical (AMO) solutions.



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