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Plasmon-molecule remote coupling via column-structured silica layer for enhancing biophotonic analysis

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:42 authored by Takeo Minamikawa, Reiko Sakaguchi, Yoshinori Harada, Hideharu Hase, Yasuo Mori, Tetsuro Takamatsu, Yu Yamasaki, Yukihiro Morimoto, Masahiro Kawasaki, Mitsuo Kawasaki
We demonstrated remote plasmonic enhancement (RPE) by a dense random array of Ag nanoislands (AgNIs) that were partially gold-alloyed and attached with column-structured silica (CSS) overlayer of more than 100 nm in thickness. The physical and chemical protection of the CSS layer could lead to reducing the mutual impact between analyte molecules and metal nanostructures. RPE plate was realized just by sputtering and chemical immersion processes, resulting in high productivity. We found a significant enhancement on the order of 10$^7$-fold for Raman scattering and 10$^2$-fold for fluorescence by RPE even without the proximity of metal nanostructures and analyte molecules. We confirmed the feasibility of RPE for biophotonic analysis. RPE worked for dye molecules in cells cultured on the CSS layer, enabling the enhanced fluorescence biosensing of intracellular signaling dynamics in HeLa cells. RPE also worked for biological tissues, enhancing Raman histological imaging of esophagus tissues with esophageal adventitia of a Wistar rat attached atop the CSS layer. We also investigated the wavelength dependency of RPE on the on- or off-resonant with the dye molecular transition dipoles with various molecular concentrations. The results suggested that the RPE occurred by remote resonant coupling between the localized surface plasmon of AgNIs and the molecular transition dipole of the analyte via the CSS structure. The RPE plate affords practical advantages for potential biophotonic analyses such as high productivity and biocompatibility. We thus anticipate that RPE will advance to versatile analytical tools in chemistry, biology, and medicine.



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