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Plasmonic nanoprism distributions to promote enhanced and uniform energy deposition in passive and active targets

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posted on 2024-04-23, 16:00 authored by Dávid Vass, Emese Tóth, András Szenes, Balázs Bánhelyi, István Papp, Tamás Biró, László Pál Csernai, Norbert Kroó, Mária Csete
Passive and active targets, implanted with gold nanoprisms, were designed to achieve enhanced and uniform power absorption during two-sided illumination by short laser pulses. The target length was adjusted to match the short laser pulse-length. Capabilities of three different, uniform, single-peaked Gaussian and adjusted, nanoresonator number density distributions were compared. The average local E-field inside the gain medium and on the surface of the nanoprisms were mapped as a function of the pump E-field strength and dye concentration, assuming a uniform nanoresonator distribution. The optimal parameters were adopted to each inspected nanoprism distributions. The time-evolution of the near-field enhancement (NFE), integrated power-loss and deposited energy were determined, additionally, the time-evolution of the standard deviation of these quantities was monitored. A comparative study was performed on passive and active targets, to determine the most advantageous nanoprism number density distribution type and to consider the advantages of dye doping. Based on the results, the adjusted distribution is proposed both in passive and active targets. Doping with the dye is advantageous in every inspected distribution in decreasing the minimal standard deviation of the NFE. It is advantageous in decreasing the delay of the minimal standard deviation in the power-loss and deposited energy, the standard deviation of the NFE as well as in increasing the FOM of the NFE in the uniform and adjusted distributions. In addition, doping allows for decreasing the delay of the minimal standard deviation in the NFE / increasing the mean NFE / decreasing the standard deviation of the power-loss and deposited energy in the uniform / Gaussian / adjusted distribution.



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