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Plug-&-play generation of non-Gaussian states of light at a telecom wavelength

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posted on 2023-01-19, 17:00 authored by Mohamed Faouzi Melalkia, Tecla Gabbrielli, Antoine Petitjean, Léandre Brunel, Alessandro Zavatta, Sébastien Tanzilli, Jean Etesse, Virginia D'Auria
This work marks an important progress towards practical quantum optical technologies in the continuous variable regime, as it shows the feasibility of experiments where non-Gaussian state generation entirely relies on plug-&-play components from guided-wave optics technologies. This strategy is demonstrated experimentally with the heralded preparation of low amplitude Schr\"odinger cat states based on single-photon subtraction from a squeezed vacuum. All stages of the experiment are based on off-the-shelf fiber components. This leads to a stable, compact, and easily re-configurable realization, fully compatible with existing fibre networks and, more in general, with future out-of-the-laboratory applications.



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