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Polarization dependent scattering in cavity optomagnonics

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:13 authored by J. A. Haigh, A. Nunnenkamp, A. J. Ramsay
The polarization dependence of magnon-photon scattering in an optical microcavity is reported. Due to the short cavity length, the mode-matching conditions found in previously explored, large path-length whispering gallery resonators are absent. Nonetheless, for cross-polarized scattering a strong and broadband suppression of one side-band is observed. This arises due to an interference between the Faraday and second-order Cotton-Mouton effects. To fully account for the suppression of the cross-polarized scattering, it is necessary to consider the squeezing of magnon modes intrinsic to thin-film geometry. A co-polarized scattering due to Cotton-Mouton effect is also observed. In addition, the magnon modes involved are identified as Damon-Eshbach surface modes, whose non-reciprocal propagation could be exploited in devices applications. This work experimentally demonstrates the important role of second order Cotton-Mouton effect for optomagnonic devices.



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