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Precision determination of the ground-state hyperfine splitting of trapped ${}^{113}$Cd${}^{+}$ ions

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:17 authored by S. N. Miao, J. W. Zhang, H. R. Qin, N. C. Xin, J. Z. Han, L. J. Wang
We measured the ground-state hyperfine splitting of trapped ${}^{113}$Cd${}^{+}$ ions to be 15199862855.02799(27) Hz with a fractional uncertainty of $1.8\times10^{-14}$. The ions were trapped and laser-cooled in a linear quadrupole Paul trap. The fractional frequency stability was measured to be ${4.2} \times 10^{-13}/\sqrt{\tau} $, obtained from Ramsey fringes of high signal-to-noise ratio and taken over a measurement time of nearly 5 hours, which is close to the short-term stability limit estimated from the Dick effect. Our result is consistent with previous reported values, but the measurement precision is four times better than the best result obtained to date.



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