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Predicting instabilities of a tuneable ring laser with an iterative map model

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:16 authored by Brady Metherall, C. Sean Bohun
Simple mathematical models have been unable to predict the conditions leading to instabilities in a tuneable ring laser. Here, we propose a nonlinear iterative map model for tuneable ring lasers. Solving a reduced nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation for each component in the laser cavity, we obtain an algebraic map for each component. Iterating through the maps gives the total effect of one round trip. By neglecting the nonlinearity, we find a linearly chirped Gaussian to be the analytic fixed point solution, which we analyze asymptotically. We then numerically solve the full nonlinear model, allowing us to probe the underlying interplay of dispersion, modulation, and nonlinearity as the pulse evolves over hundreds of round trips of the cavity. In the nonlinear case, we find the chirp saturates, and the Fourier transform of the pulse becomes more rectangular in shape. Finally, for a nominal plane in the parameter space, we uncover a rich, sharp boundary separating the stable region and the unstable region where modulation instability degrades the pulse into an unsustainable state.



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