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Programmable photonic time circuits for highly scalable universal unitaries

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posted on 2023-05-31, 16:01 authored by Xianji Piao, Sunkyu Yu, Namkyoo Park
Programmable photonic circuits (PPCs) have garnered substantial interest in achieving deep learning accelerations and universal quantum computations. Although photonic computation using PPCs offers critical advantages, including ultrafast operation, energy-efficient matrix calculation and room-temperature quantum states, its poor scalability impedes the integration required for industrial applications. This challenge arises from the temporally one-shot operation using propagating light in conventional PPCs, which leads to the light-speed increase of device footprints. Here we propose a concept of programmable photonic time circuits, which employ time-cycle-based computations analogous to the gate cycling in the von Neumann architecture and quantum computation. As a building block, we develop a reconfigurable SU(2) time gate composed of two resonators, which have tunable resonances and are coupled through time-coded dual-channel gauge fields. We demonstrate universal U(N) operations with high fidelity using the systematic assembly of the SU(2) time gates, achieving improved scalability from O(N^2) to O(N) in both the footprint and gate number. This result opens a pathway to industrial-level PPC implementation in very large-scale integration.



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