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Propagation of circular Airy derivative beams in complex media

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posted on 2024-06-19, 16:28 authored by Anita Kumari, Vasu Dev, Vishwa Pal
Controlling light propagation through complex media plays a significant role in a wide range of applications ranging from astronomical observations to microscopy. Although, several advances have been made based on adaptive optics, optical phase conjugation and wavefront shaping, but many of these involve challenges. Recently, controlling light propagation in complex media by simply structuring light has shown promising capabilities. We present experimental and numerical investigations of abruptly autofocusing of circular Airy derivative beams (CADBs) in complex media. We find that up to a relatively high turbulence strength, CADB possesses relatively good abrupt autofocusing, however, efficiency and autofocusing position vary with the strength of turbulence. Further, the spatial distortions in CADB caused by turbulence are quantified by an overlap integral, which shows that CADB possesses reasonably good resilience against the turbulence. The diffraction efficiency of CADB changes by a factor of ~ 1.7 with increasing strength of turbulence from zero to high, indicating good confinement of intensity at autofocusing. The focused beam spot size grows gradually with increasing the strength of turbulence, specifically, it grows by a factor of ~ 2 for a strong turbulence, indicating reasonably good focusing abilities. The results of CADB are compared with a Gaussian beam, and find that CADB possesses superior focusing abilities in turbulent media. We have carried out a detailed analysis of these observations based on Zernike polynomials, which reveals that different kinds of aberrations present in turbulent media leads to distortions in the spatial structure as well as other properties of CADBs. Our results can be used for various applications, such as in biomedical treatment, seismology, optical tweezers and material processing.



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