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Quantum Information Processing With Integrated Silicon Carbide Photonics

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posted on 2023-01-12, 14:21 authored by Sridhar Majety, Pranta Saha, Victoria A. Norman, Marina Radulaski
Color centers in wide band gap semiconductors are prominent candidates for solid-state quantum technologies due to their attractive properties including optical interfacing, long coherence times, spin-photon and spin-spin entanglement, as well as the potential for scalability. Silicon carbide color centers integrated into photonic devices span a wide range of applications in quantum information processing, in a material platform with quantum-grade wafer availability and advanced processing capabilities. Recent progress in emitter generation and characterization, nanofabrication, device design, and quantum optical studies have amplified the scientific interest in this platform. We provide a conceptual and quantitative analysis of the role of silicon carbide integrated photonics in three key application areas: quantum networking, simulation, and computing.



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