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Quantum Squeezing of Slow-Light Dark Solitons via Electromagnetically Induced Transparency

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:07 authored by Jinzhong Zhu, Guoxiang Huang
We consider the quantum effect of slow light dark soliton (SLDS) in a cold atomic gas with defocuing Kerr nonlinearity via electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT). We calculate the quantum fluctuations of the SLDS by solving the relevant non-Hermitian eigenvalue problem describing the quantum fluctuations, and find that only one zero mode is allowed. This is different from the quantum fluctuations of bright solitons, where two independent zero modes occur. We rigorously prove that the eigenmodes, which consist of continuous modes and the zero mode, are bi-orthogonal and constitute a complete bi-orthonormalized basis, useful for the calculation on the quantum fluctuations of the SLDS. We demonstrate that, due to the large Kerr nonlinearity contributed from the EIT effect, a significant quantum squeezing of the SLDS can be realized; the squeezing efficiency can be manipulated by the Kerr nonlinearity and the soliton's amplitude, which can be much higher than that of bright solitons. Our work contributes to efforts for developing quantum nonlinear optics and non-Hermitian Physics, and for possible applications in quantum information processing and precision measurements.



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