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Quantum Wrapper Networking

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posted on 2023-05-03, 16:01 authored by S. J. Ben Yoo, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Mehmet Berkay On, Gamze Gul, Gregory S. Kanter, Roberto Proietti, Prem Kumar
We introduce a new concept of Quantum Wrapper Networking, which enables control, management, and operation of quantum networks that can co-exist with classical networks while keeping the requirements for quantum networks intact. The quantum wrapper net- works (QWNs) enable the transparent and interoperable transportation of quantum wrapper datagrams consisting of quantum payloads and, notably, classical headers to facilitate the datagram switching without measuring or disturbing the qubits of the quantum payload. Further- more, QWNs can utilize the common network control and management for performance monitoring on the classical header and infer the quantum channel quality.



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