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Quantum state preparation and one qubit logic from third-order nonlinear interactions

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:13 authored by F. A. Domínguez-Serna, K. Garay-Palmett
We present a study on preparing and manipulating path-like temporal-mode (TM) qubits based on third-order nonlinear interactions. Specifically, we consider the process of frequency conversion via difference frequency generation. To prepare a qubit, we aim to use Gaussian input states to a nonlinear waveguide. The coupling between the input state and a specific TM is maximized, obtaining qubits prepared with fidelities close to one. TMs evolve linearly within the medium; therefore, it is possible to define rotations around any axis contained in the $xy$ plane, allowing spanning the full Bloch sphere in two steps. Particularly, we present a method to obtain any of the Pauli quantum gates by varying geometric or user-accessible parameters in a given experimental configuration. Our study allows for experimentally feasible proposals capable of controllable arbitrary qubit transformations.



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