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Raman spectroscopic characterization of crater walls formed upon single-shot high energy femtosecond laser irradiation of dimethacrylate polymer doped with plasmonic gold nanorods

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:58 authored by István Rigó, Judit Kámán, Ágnes Nagyné Szokol, Attila Bonyár, Melinda Szalóki, Alexandra Borók, Shereen Zangana, Péter Rácz, Márk Aladi, Miklós Ákos Kedves, Gábor Galbács, László P. Csernai, Tamás S. Biró, Norbert Kroó, Miklós Veres, NAPLIFE Collaboration
The changes in the bonding configuration on the crater walls formed in urethane dimethacrylate based polymer doped with plasmonic gold nanorods upon irradiation with a single-shot high energy femtosecond laser pulse has been studied by Raman spectroscopy. New Raman bands were detected in the 2000-2500 cm-1 region of the Raman spectrum the intensities of which show strong dependence on the concentration of plasmonic nanoparticles and the energy of the laser pulse. Based on model calculations of the Raman frequencies of the polymer these peaks were attributed to carbon-deuterium and nitrogen-deuterium vibrations and their appearance indicates the occurrence of nuclear reactions in the laser field amplified by plasmonic nanoparticles, involving the polymer atoms.



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