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Recognizing three-dimensional phase images with deep learning

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posted on 2023-01-12, 13:37 authored by Weiru Fan, Tianrun Chen, Xingqi Xu, Ziyang Chen, Huizhu Hu, Delong Zhang, Da-Wei Wang, Jixiong Pu, Shi-Yao Zhu
Optical phase contains key information for biomedical and astronomical imaging. However, it is often obscured by layers of heterogeneous and scattering media, which render optical phase imaging at different depths an utmost challenge. Limited by the memory effect, current methods for phase imaging in strong scattering media are inapplicable to retrieving phases at different depths. To address this challenge, we developed a speckle three-dimensional reconstruction network (STRN) to recognize phase objects behind scattering media, which circumvents the limitations of memory effect. From the single-shot, reference-free and scanning-free speckle pattern input, STRN distinguishes depth-resolving quantitative phase information with high fidelity. Our results promise broad applications in biomedical tomography and endoscopy.



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