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Refraction laws for two-dimensional plasmons

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posted on 2023-05-25, 16:02 authored by Dmitry Svintsov, Georgy Alymov
Despite numerous applications of two-dimensional plasmons for electromagnetic energy manipulation at the nanoscale, their quantitative refraction and reflection laws (analogs of Fresnel formulas in optics) have not yet been established. This fact can be traced down to the strong non-locality of equations governing the 2d plasmon propagation. Here, we tackle this difficulty by direct solution of plasmon scattering problem with Wiener-Hopf technique. We obtain the reflection and transmission coefficients for 2d plasmons at the discontinuity of 2d conductivity at arbitrary incidence angle, for both gated and non-gated 2d systems. At a certain incidence angle, the absolute reflectivity has a pronounced dip reaching zero for gated plasmons. The dip is associated with wave passage causing no dynamic charge accumulation at the boundary. For all incidence angles, the reflection has a non-trivial phase different from zero and $\pi$.



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