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Refractive-type Varifocal Liquid-crystal Fresnel lenses for smart contacts

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posted on 2023-03-02, 15:59 authored by Aishwaryadev Banerjee, Chayanjit Ghosh, Mohit Karkhanis, ADWAIT DESHPANDE, Erfan Pourshaban, Apratim Majumder, HANSEUP KIM, Carlos Mastrangelo
We demonstrate the implementation of a low-power, low-profile, varifocal liquid-crystal Fresnel lens stack suitable for tunable imaging in smart contact lenses. The lens stack consists of a high-order refractive-type liquid crystal Fresnel chamber, a voltage-controlled twisted nematic cell, a linear polarizer and a fixed offset lens. The lens stack has an aperture of 4 mm and thickness is ~980 μm. The varifocal lens requires ~2.5 VRMS for a maximum optical power change of ~6.5 D consuming electrical power of ~2.6 µW. The maximum RMS wavefront aberration error was 0.2 µm and the chromatic aberration was 0.008 D/nm. The average BRISQUE image quality score of the Fresnel lens was 35.23 compared to 57.23 for a curved LC lens of comparable power indicating a superior Fresnel imaging quality.


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