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Refractive index tomography with a physics based optical neural network

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posted on 2023-06-14, 16:01 authored by Delong Yang, Shaohui Zhang, Yao Hu, Qun Hao
The non-interference three-dimensional refractive index(RI) tomography has attracted extensive attention in the life science field for its simple system implementation and robust imaging performance. However, the complexity inherent in the physical propagation process poses significant challenges when the sample under study deviates from the weak scattering approximation. Such conditions complicate the task of achieving global optimization with conventional algorithms, rendering the reconstruction process both time-consuming and potentially ineffective. To address such limitations, this paper proposes an untrained multi-slice neural network(MSNN) with an optical structure, in which each layer has a clear corresponding physical meaning according to the beam propagation model. The network does not require pre-training and performs good generalization and can be recovered through the optimization of a set of intensity images. Concurrently, MSNN can calibrate the intensity of different illumination by learnable parameters, and the multiple backscattering effects have also been taken into consideration by integrating a "scattering attenuation layer" between adjacent "refractive index" layers in the MSNN. Both simulations and experiments have been conducted carefully to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed method. Experimental results reveal that MSNN can enhance clarity with increased efficiency in RI tomography. The implementation of MSNN introduces a novel paradigm for RI tomography.



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