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Regenerative Terahertz Quantum Detectors

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posted on 2023-01-11, 23:07 authored by Paolo Micheletti, Jerome Faist, Tudor Olariu, Urban Senica, Mattias Beck, Giacomo Scalari
Because of the ultrafast and photon-driven nature of the transport in their active region, we demonstrate that quantum cascade lasers can be operated as resonantly amplified terahertz detectors. Tunable responsivities up to 50 V/W and noise equivalent powers down to 100 pW/sqrt(Hz) are demonstrated at 4.7 THz. Constant peak responsivities with respect to the detector temperature are observed up to 80K. Thanks to the sub-ps intersubband lifetime electrical bandwidths larger than 20 GHz can be obtained, allowing the detection of optical beatnotes from quantum cascade THz frequency combs.



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