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Regulated Polarization Degree of Upconversion Luminescence and Multiple Anti-Counterfeit Applications

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posted on 2023-02-14, 23:39 authored by Dongping Wen, Yi Liang, Xiaoming Mo, Caofeng Pan, Ping Chen
Polarized upconversion luminescence (PUCL) of lanthanide (Ln3+) ions has been widely used in single particle tracking, microfluidics detection, three-dimensional displays, and so on. However, no effective strategy has been developed for modulating PUCL. Here, we report a strategy to regulate PUCL in Ho3+-doped NaYF4 single nanorods based on the number of upconversion photons. By constructing a multiphoton upconversion system for Ho3+, we regulate the degree of polarization (DOP) of PUCL from 0.6 for two-photon luminescence to 0.929 for three-photon upconversion luminescence (UCL). Furthermore, our strategy is verified by cross-relaxation between Ho3+ and Yb3+, excitation wavelength, excitation power density, and local site symmetry. And this regulation strategy of PUCL has also been achieved in Tm3+, where DOP is ranged from 0.233 for two-photon luminescence to 0.925 for four-photon UCL. Besides, multi-dimensional anti-counterfeiting display has been explored with PUCL. This work provides an effective strategy for the regulation of PUCL and also provides more opportunities for the development of polarization display, optical encoding, anti-counterfeiting, and integrated optical devices.



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