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Resolved frustrated tunneling ionization in asymmetrical fast oscillation of above-threshold ionization spectrum

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:06 authored by Lifeng Wang, Hao Teng, Fei Li, Bingbing Wang, Xiaoxin Zhou, Peng He, Zhiyi Wei
Tunneling ionization is one of the fundamental electron dynamics, which has wide applications in ultrafast physics. When frustrated tunneling ionization (FTI) is considered, the tunneling rate is not equivalent to ionization rate. However, it is hard to resolve the effects of FTI and direct tunneling ionization (DTI) in ionization spectrum experimentally. Here we report the first observation of the asymmetrical fast oscillation in above-threshold ionization (ATI) spectrum of Argon as function of carrier-envelope phase (CEP), to the best of our knowledge. Simulation results identify that in the experimental ATI spectrum, the {\pi}/5 oscillation originates from the quantum interference of electrons in FTI, while DTI is responsible for the asymmetry. Our results provide clear evidence to resolve the effects of direct tunneling and FTI in a new physical regime.



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