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Ridge polariton laser: different from a semiconductor edge-emitting laser

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:51 authored by H Souissi, M Gromovyi, T Gueye, C Brimont, L Doyennette, D Solnyshkov, G Malpuech, E Cambril, S Bouchoule, B Alloing, S Rennesson, F Semond, J Zúñiga-Pérez, T Guillet
We experimentally demonstrate the difference between a ridge polariton laser, and a conventional edge-emitting ridge laser operating under electron-hole population inversion. The horizontal laser cavities are 20 -- 60 $\mu$m long GaN etched ridge structures with vertical Bragg reflectors. We investigate the laser threshold under optical pumping and assess quantitatively the effect of a varying optically-pumped length. The laser effect is achieved for an exciton reservoir length of just 15% of the cavity length, which would not be possible in a conventional ridge laser, with an inversion-less polaritonic gain about 10 times larger than in equivalent GaN lasers. The modelling of the cavity free spectral range demonstrates the polaritonic nature of the modes.



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