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Robust moir\'e flatbands within a broad band-offset range

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Version 2 2023-09-30, 16:00
Version 1 2023-01-10, 03:22
posted on 2023-09-30, 16:00 authored by Peilong Hong, Yi Liang, Zhigang Chen, Guoquan Zhang
Photonic analogs of the moir\'e superlattices mediated by interlayer electromagnetic coupling are expected to give rise to rich phenomena such as nontrivial flatband topology. Here, we propose and demonstrate a scheme to tune the flatbands in a bilayer moir\'e superlattice by employing the band offset. The band offset is changed by fixing the bands of one slab while shifting those of the other slab, which is accomplished by modifying the thickness of the latter slab. Our results show that the band-offset tuning not only makes some flatbands emerge and disappear, but also leads to two sets of flatbands that are robustly formed even with the change of band offset over a broad range. These robust flatbands form either at the AA-stack site or at the AB-stack site, and as a result, a single-cell superlattice can support a pair of high-quality localized modes with tunable frequencies. Moreover, we develop a diagrammatic model to provide an intuitive insight into the formation of the robust flatbands. Our work demonstrates a simple yet efficient way to design and control complex moir\'e flatbands, providing new opportunities to utilize photonic moir\'e superlattices for advanced light-matter interaction including lasing and nonlinear harmonic generation.



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