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SMUTHI: A python package for the simulation of light scattering by multiple particles near or between planar interfaces

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posted on 2023-01-11, 22:44 authored by Amos Egel, Krzysztof M. Czajkowski, Dominik Theobald, Konstantin Ladutenko, Alexey S. Kuznetsov, Lorenzo Pattelli
SMUTHI is a python package for the efficient and accurate simulation of electromagnetic scattering by one or multiple wavelength-scale objects in a planarly layered medium. The software combines the T-matrix method for individual particle scattering with the scattering matrix formalism for the propagation of the electromagnetic field through the planar interfaces. In this article, we briefly introduce the relevant theoretical concepts and present the main features of SMUTHI. Simulation results obtained for several benchmark configurations are validated against commercial software solutions. Owing to the generality of planarly layered geometries and the availability of different particle shapes and light sources, possible applications of SMUTHI include the study of discrete random media, meta-surfaces, photonic crystals and glasses, perforated membranes and plasmonic systems, to name a few relevant examples at visible and near-visible wavelengths.



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