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SU(1,1)-displaced coherent states, photon counting and squeezing

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posted on 2023-04-19, 16:01 authored by Jean Pierre. -P. Gazeau, Mariano A. del Olmo
We revisit the Perelomov SU(1,1) displaced coherent states states as possible quantum states of light. We disclose interesting statistical aspects of these states in relation with photon counting and squeezing. In the non-displaced case we discuss the efficiency of the photodetector as inversely proportional to the parameter k of the discrete series of unitary irreducible representations of SU(1,1). In the displaced case, we study the counting and squeezing properties of the states in terms of k and the number of photons in the original displaced state. We finally examine the quantization of a classical radiation field which is based on these families of coherent states. The procedure yields displacement operators which might allow to prepare such states in the way proposed by Glauber for the standard coherent states.



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