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Scalable all-optical cold damping of levitated nanoparticles

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posted on 2023-01-12, 15:37 authored by Jayadev Vijayan, Zhao Zhang, Johannes Piotrowski, Dominik Windey, Fons van der Laan, Martin Frimmer, Lukas Novotny
The field of levitodynamics has made significant progress towards controlling and studying the motion of a levitated nanoparticle. Motional control relies on either autonomous feedback via a cavity or measurement-based feedback via external forces. Recent demonstrations of measurement-based ground-state cooling of a single nanoparticle employ linear velocity feedback, also called cold damping, and require the use of electrostatic forces on charged particles via external electrodes. Here we introduce a novel all-optical cold damping scheme based on spatial modulation of the trap position that is scalable to multiple particles. The scheme relies on using programmable optical tweezers to provide full independent control over trap frequency and position of each tweezer. We show that the technique cools the center-of-mass motion of particles down to $17\,$mK at a pressure of $2 \times 10^{-6}\,$mbar and demonstrate its scalability by simultaneously cooling the motion of two particles. Our work paves the way towards studying quantum interactions between particles, achieving 3D quantum control of particle motion without cavity-based cooling, electrodes or charged particles, and probing multipartite entanglement in levitated optomechanical systems.



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