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Scalable and Robust Beam Shaping Using Apodized Fish-bone Grating Couplers

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posted on 2023-09-20, 16:00 authored by Chad Ropp, Dhriti Maurya, Alexander Yulaev, Daron Westly, Gregory Simelgor, Vladimir Aksyuk
Efficient power coupling between on-chip guided and free-space optical modes requires precision spatial mode matching with apodized grating couplers. Yet, grating apodizations are often limited by the minimum feature size of the fabrication approach. This is especially challenging when small feature sizes are required to fabricate gratings at short wavelengths or to achieve weakly scattered light for large-area gratings. Here, we demonstrate a fish-bone grating coupler for precision beam shaping and the generation of millimeter-scale beams at 461 nm wavelength. Our design decouples the minimum feature size from the minimum achievable optical scattering strength, allowing smooth turn-on and continuous control of the emission. Our approach is compatible with commercial foundry photolithography and has reduced sensitivity to both the resolution and the variability of the fabrication approach compared to subwavelength meta-gratings, which often require electron beam lithography.



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