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Self-probed ptychography from semiconductor high-harmonic generation

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posted on 2023-06-08, 12:56 authored by Sven Fröhlich, Xu Liu, Aimrane Hamdou, Alric Meunier, Mukhtar Hussain, Mathieu Carole, Shatha Kaassamani, Marie Froidevaux, Laure Lavoute, Dmitry Gaponov, Nicolas Ducros, Sebastien Fevrier, Philippe Zeitoun, Milutin Kovacev, Marta Fajardo, Willem Boutu, David Gauthier, Hamed Merdji
We demonstrate a method to image an object using a self-probing approach based on semiconductor high-harmonic generation. On one hand, ptychography enables high-resolution imaging from the coherent light diffracted by an object. On the other hand, high-harmonic generation from crystals is emerging as a new source of extreme-ultraviolet ultrafast coherent light. We combine these two techniques by performing ptychography measurements with nano-patterned crystals serving as the object as well as the generation medium of the harmonics. We demonstrate that this strong field in situ approach can provide structural information about the object. With the future developments of crystal high harmonics as a compact short-wavelength light source, our demonstration can be an innovative approach for nanoscale imaging of photonic and electronic devices in research and industry.



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